About Us


Healthcare is evolving at an exponential pace. Knowledge dissemination is vital if the developments have to percolate to all levels of the healthcare delivery system. Medical professionals keep track of medical advances through CMEs but find it hard to stay up to date with the business challenges that are redefining the functioning of hospitals. Transforming your hospital into a smart hospital will require a revolutionary change in the way you do business and may be quite challenging without the requisite knowledge.

Healthcare Events is a platform that helps you through this process of transition and evolution. The changing business dynamics in the healthcare space challenges the hospital owners and CEOs. There is a great demand for Conferences to deal with the day-to-day issues related to the running of a hospital.

Healthcare Events is the brainchild of partners from various domains in the healthcare industry, namely

BCC Healthcare

Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consulting Pvt Ltd

Hosconnn Consulting Services Pvt.Ltd.

Value Added Corporate Services Pvt Ltd

XFactor Innovations

Infrabees Project Management Consultants Pvt Ltd

Dr. Sam's Medical Consultancy

The aim of this collaboration is to create a platform for sharing knowledge among all players in the healthcare industry. These partners have decades of experience in different spaces in the healthcare domain and enjoy the unparalleled trust of the medical fraternity. They are promoting this platform for knowledge sharing among healthcare business owners in the country to usher in best practices that would translate into better revenues for the hospitals.

An architectural team, a healthcare planning team, a branding and communication team and an operations team form the core of Healthcare Events. Their individual domain expertise ensures that healthcare businesses stay on the right track towards rapid development making the industry an important pillar of the country. The ultimate beneficiaries of this partnership are the patients and through them, the hospitals.

Healthcare Events identifies the changing needs of the industry and the evolution taking place within and without the industry that would have an impact on the healthcare businesses. Events are organized to bring together professionals from the various fields. Knowledge dissemination is achieved through interactions, live demo sessions, conferences and even unconferences. The focus is on maximum knowledge exchange. Participation of professionals and experts from across the world promotes excellent growth and development. All aspects involved in running a hospital such as business, administration, technology integration, medical, surgical, support network etc. are covered by the events. Participation here will guarantee knowledge gain, implementation of which will bring in desired results.

Where growth is dependent on knowledge, Healthcare Events paves the way towards invigorating transfer of information from experts to audience thereby ensuring their progress. Let’s create sustainable business models in the healthcare space through right practices which are tested, accepted and appreciated towards growth of an organisation in terms of both top line and bottom line revenues.