Why Smart Hospitals?

Is there really anything called Smart Hospitals in today's Indian Healthcare scenario? How many are actually Smart hospitals? What are the practises that would make your hospital a "Smart Hospital"?

Our recent interactions with various stakeholders on the subject had each stakeholder defining it in a way that is related to their hospitals and services. Smart Hospitals are being confused with Digital Hospitals, Hospitals driven by high end health technology solutions, Hospitals running on hi-tech equipments etc. Smart hospitals are those that optimize, redesign or build new clinical processes and management systems to provide a valuable service which was not possible or available earlier, to achieve better patient care, experience and operational efficiency and thereby excellent sustainability revenue for the hospital.

What Do Smart Hospitals Focus On ?

In real terms “Smart Hospital” means “Efficient Hospital”. Smart Hospitals focus on 3 Key Areas - Operational efficiency, Clinical excellence, and Patient centricity.

The focus of the Smart Hospitals Conference is to enable Small Hospitals in non-Metro cities to think and act like Smart Hospitals. With the country heading for the mega launch of Ayushman Bharat, the business models of hospitals are likely to undergo a change.

Hospitals have to think smart and go lean but still have to make sustainable revenues. At the same time, Service Standards have to be maintained by not losing sight of Quality and Safety issues related to Patient care. Small Hospitals will have a big role to play in the new Ayushman Bharat Scheme and need to have strategies in place to create uncontested market place for themselves. Ayushman Bharat can be the real uncontested market place opportunity for small hospitals spread across small towns.

Smart hospitals have to go lean and enable better quality of care with personalized approaches and reduced medical errors to achieve better patient outcomes. In the era of consumerism of healthcare, smart hospitals need to employ a patient-centric approach to ensure patient experience is optimal, allowing for better revenue generation.

Small Hospitals to become Smart Hospitals have to implement smart solutions too. Very few have the financial resources to implement the smart solutions and strategies necessary to become a smart hospital. Smart Hospitals Conference offers key takeaways for the industries serving smart hospitals – manufacturers of medical devices, drugs, health IT, equipment procurement companies and even facilities planning and designing firms.